Jul 2, 2011

IPOPI Patient Awareness Workshop, Belgium

As part of its PID patient awareness programme, IPOPI organised the first patient awareness NMO pilot workshop in Belgium on 2 July 2011. BOPPI, the Belgian Organisation for Patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies sent five participants to the meeting which was also attended by Prof Meyts. The workshop enabled all participants to share their knowledge about PID, give feedback on the IPOPI patient awareness toolkit and plan concrete awareness raising activities in Belgium. The workshop programme featured presentations outlining the perspectives and current priorities of BOPPI, the contents and objectives of IPOPI’s patient awareness toolkit which will be posted on IPOPI website in due course, an overview of the Belgian national plan for rare diseases and the PID environment in Belgium as well as concrete examples of awareness campaigns and advocacy events.


A Belgian specific approach was identified and agreed during the meeting. This included a BOPPI membership strategy aimed at strengthening BOPPI's profile and representation in Belgium as well as a public and political awareness strategy which will focus on World PI Week 2012 and will be jointly organised by BOPPI and the Belgian Primary Immune Deficiency (Physician) Group (BPIDG) . In addition, it was also agreed that BPIDG will continue to educate groups of GPs in Belgium, using new tools such as webcasts, which can then be also used as educational material on BOPPI's website and in other fora. As some initial media interest was shown recently in Belgium, this was another aspect that was discussed and some proposals were made such as inviting journalists to report on the activities planned for PI Week 2012.

Last but not least, the IPOPI patient awareness toolkit was discussed and will be tailored for use in Belgium.

This workshop was made possible through an unrestricted grant by Baxter.


World PI Week
IPOPI would be grateful for any support to the important work for primary immunodeficiencies.

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