Oct 24, 2012

XIIth Biennal Meeting in Florence, Italy

The IPOPI XIIth Biennal  meeting  in conjunction with the XVth ESID and Xth INGID took place on 3-6 October in Florence, Italy. The meeting was very successful and featured a wide-ranging programme with sessions on new scientific developments, PID advocacy and awareness, industry update and several interactive workshops which allowed IPOPI’s National Member Organisations (NMOs) participants to engage in practical situation discussions with fellow participants from other countries.

To celebrate its 20th birthday, IPOPI was delighted and honoured to present the first IPOPI Bob LeBien award to the mentor and founder of IPOPI, Mr Bob LeBien himself. Jose Drabwell, IPOPI Board President, handed the award to Bob LeBien during the IPOPI NMO dinner. Mr LeBien delivered a thank you speech which was received with much emotion and general applause by attendees. IPOPI wishes to thank Baxter for their support in organising the IPOPI 2012 NMO Dinner. The Luciano Vassalli award was also one of the highlights of the meeting. The prize is awarded every two years during the IPOPI Biennial Meeting to a young person who has made a difference to the world of primary immunodeficiency for such acts as, for example, supporting a sibling, parent, person with a primary immunodeficiency or for making an impact on the PID world. The winner of the 2012 Luciano Award was Audrey Rigault from France. The award was presented in absentia to Martine Rambert from IRIS France.
The IPOPI General Assembly and Board elections were held on the Friday, 5th October.  The meeting was an opportunity to present to all members the latest achievements, accounting procedures, staff developments and futures prospects. The following candidates were elected by voting delegates as board members: Jose Drabwell, Marcia Boyle, Martine Pergent and Roberta Peña.  The assembly also welcomed Belarus; Chile, Romania, Russia, Venezuela and Uruguay as the newest IPOPI NMO’s.
The meeting closed with an excellent session featuring members of the IPOPI Medical Advisory Panel who provided their analysis of the ESID Scientific Meeting programme’s highlights and a closing session during which participants discussed the outcomes of the IPOPI Biennial Meeting programme and provided additional updates on key NMO developments. IPOPI was pleased to receive numerous compliments and excellent programme reviews through the meeting evaluation forms. We look forward to seeing our eNews readers in 2014 in Prague for the XIIIth IPOPI Biennial Meeting!

The presentations of the XIIth Biennial Meeting can be found here.


Vassalli Award presented in absentia of Audrey Rigault to Martine Rambert

Jose Drabwell, Bob, Sara and Mike Lebien and Marcia Boyle

NMO Achievements Workshop

Group picture

World PI Week
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