Jan 16, 2015

New series of IPOPI Patient Information Leaflets

A new series of IPOPI patient information leaflets has just been released! Five new interesting leaflets providing helpful information and guidance for patients, their families and other interested stakeholders of the Primary Immunodeficiencies (PID) community are now available.

Two of these leaflets focus on PIDs and specific related conditions: PIDs and Gastrointestinal disorders and PIDs and Respiratory Disorders. Two others will help patients and their families understand routine medical exams and the medical considerations behind treatment decisions: Management after diagnosis and When to give Immunoglobulin replacement therapy. The fifth leaflet is a step by step guide for the administration of Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin in a safe and informed way: SCIG infusions – a practical guide for patients.

IPOPI is pleased to make these tools available to the international PID Community! Similarly to previous editions the leaflets are available in English, though we expect that translated versions into other languages will be prepared in the coming months with the great collaboration of our NMOs.

IPOPI wishes to thank Octapharma for their support toward the production of the following leaflets:



IPOPI wishes to thank CSL Behring for their support toward the production of the following leaflets:



World PI Week
IPOPI would be grateful for any support to the important work for primary immunodeficiencies.

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