Corporate Relations Guiding Principles

Corporate support is indispensable for IPOPI to fulfil its mission-related activities, goals and objectives. Therefore IPOPI will accept corporate support so long as it is in accordance with the following principles:

IPOPI will never compromise its independence or engage in a corporate relationship that will affect the organisation's credibility or integrity. In all dealing it is imperative that IPOPI maintain the trust of its members, the public and national governments.

IPOPI will determine appropriate areas for corporate sponsorship, the types of sponsorship and the length or duration of sponsorship.

All corporate relationships must have an IPOPI related benefit to IPOPI's mission and its constituents. However IPOPI will strive for a partnership that is beneficial both to the donor and IPOPI.

IPOPI will treat all corporate sponsors fairly and honestly.

IPOPI will exercise independent judgment in all its decision making. Thus, IPOPI will retain sole discretion for the content, quality, scientific and educational integrity of all sponsored programmes, events and publications.

IPOPI will be open about and communicate its policies regarding relationships with corporate sponsors. IPOPI materials directed to the public will contain accurate terms or statements such that reasonable individuals will understand the nature and extent of the corporate relationship.

IPOPI will not endorse any product for financial gain and/or as part of any corporate relationship.

IPOPI will have a written agreement with all corporate sponsors prior to the implementation of the corporate relationship.

IPOPI will disclose financial and other benefits it receives from a corporate relationship upon receipt of a legitimate request.

IPOPI retains the sole discretion to determine the use of its name, logo and identifying marks. Any use of the IPOPI name, logo, and identifying marks in any corporations promotional or educational materials must be approved by IPOPI in writing in advance of the use.

World PI Week
IPOPI would be grateful for any support to the important work for primary immunodeficiencies.

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