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IPOPI's strategic committee met in November 2010 to review IPOPI's previous strategic plan and prepare an updated version which was subsequently approved and adopted. The new plan builds on IPOPI's significant growth over the last couple of years as well as on lessons and outcomes learnt through the course of our various activities.

In designing this new plan, IPOPI streamlined its strategy around four key strategic areas with the aim to guide IPOPI's actions and activities in the 4 years to come, but with a clear eye to the long term future. The strategic plan will also be used as a tool to review progress on both core activities and ad-hoc projects to ensure consistency and strategic alignment.

The Strategic Plan covers the period from 2011 – 2015 and will remain a living document, subject to reviews and fine tuning whenever necessary. Whilst IPOPI has grown into a truly global advocate for people living with a primary immunodeficiency, we realize that securing the PID patients' interests can only be achieved through strong and efficient partnership with other key stakeholder organisations. IPOPI will build on the successful collaborations that we have established in recent years to ensure our work is strategically aligned with our stakeholders and that we can unite as one true global voice for primary immunodeficiencies.



Strategic Plan 2010-2015 (pdf)


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IPOPI would be grateful for any support to the important work for primary immunodeficiencies.

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